Jungle Gems Newsletter June 2003

Hello from poolside in Las Vegas Nevada, USA. It’s been over 110-degrees everyday here, but the pool helps. We are now leaving the USA, happily returning to Brasil on July 4th.

We have been traveling in the USA for the entire month of June, and have no news for the gemtrade this month. We wanted our readers to know that we will be back in Brasil at our Teofilo Otoni office in Minas Gerais, doing business as usual, beginning Monday July 7, 2003. Throughout July we will be visiting around Minas Gerais, including quartz country and the Nova Era emerald area, as well as out to Rondonia. If you need anything from these areas, please let us know. We will be back with a complete newsletter for July with all of the current gemtrade related news in next months Jungle-Gems newsletter.

Don’t forget the 15th Annual Feira Livre de Pedras Precioso runs from July 9th through July 13th 2003, and the 13th Annual Feira International de Pedras Precioso (FIPP) is set for August 19th through August 22nd 2003. Don’t be confused, we have two gemshows this year. Next month’s newsletter will include photos of some goods from the 1st show, as well as news and rumors which are always encountered in Brasil.

Regards, Kirk “Tomas” Bond, www.jungle-gems.com