Jungle-Gems.com April Newsletter

Hello again from Teofilo Otoni, Minas Gerais Brasil. Our efforts to keep you informed of gem trade related news continues.

We have recently obtained some very nice elestial and scepter quartz from here in Minas Gerais. Some of the quartz scepters have topaz on the root stem. The elestials range in size from palm-sized to platter-size, all fabulously terminated on all sides. A few sample photos are included below. You can click on the images to enlarge them…

Some local Mineiros have been traveling to the Brasilian State of Tocantins, and returning with some very nice emeralds from a recent new find. Pros in the trade know these goods to have a blueish overtone, but some of this new production is equal to what we see from the Nova Era Mines. Faceted stone sizes also seem to be getting bigger...

Many gemstone mining investment opportunities continue to come our way. Small scale aquamarine and tourmaline projects can be launched for as little as US$25,000-US$50,000 while retaining 80% of production for the investor/operators. Commonly, 10% goes to the landowner, 10% goes to the holder of the mining rights. Anyone can run a gemstone mine in Brasil. Inquire at jungle-gems.com for further info.

The Amazon rainy season is slowly coming to an end, allowing the resumption of mining operations at our own Amazon Opal Mine, as well as the white Rondonian Topaz mines in the same area. With some luck, there will be new production of the hard to get Red Amazon Opal. All of us involved with the extraction believe we are close to the producing zone, and we are looking forward to a good year.

We hope to have news from our friends at the Bolivian Ametrine mine when we get to the region this month (April). Perhaps next months newsletter will have a fresh report.

We are seeing strong interest in the Bahian Golden Rutilated Quartz Rough. Numerous buyers are trying to monopolize buying the production. We would not be surprised to see prices increase due to increased demand and spotty production.

Friends have reported that some of the topaz mines in Rondonia are already back to work. The saw-shops that produce 100% clean facet grade topaz, are also back to work. We are looking forward to a big topaz season this year.

There is a working area available at the Nova Era Emerald Mine. Vertical shaft penetration depth is @80m, situated between 2 producing zones which are at 175m depth. Needs depth added to vertical shaft to reach producing zone. Full geological info available on request. The area is totally documented and registered, and available for partnership, lease, or sale.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our new clients who have recently learned how to obtain a wide variety of gemstone materials direct from Minas Gerais Brasil. We look forward to new inquiries allowing us to source goods required by your business. Custom procurement has been working well with our established clients.

Stay tuned for more gem trade related news in our coming May edition…

- Prepared for you by Tomas Bond, Teofilo Otoni, Minas Gerais Brasil