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Customer Feedback

Please enjoy reading some of our customers personal feedback.

We have been in the mineral business for the last twenty years and have found no one to be more honest than Jungle-Gems. They have the fairest prices to be found and excellent quality.

Their personalized service makes them a joy to do business with. Doing business with Jungle-Gems is more like working with a trusted friend, you can depend on their word. They are by far the most reputible company we have dealt with.

Karen and Rafael

Beautiful Feelings

"Great guys to work with. Jungle-Gems will find the gem or mineral you want then work with you and the source for the best price. Short of buying in multi-ton quantities, you can't do better!"

Joe Turnbow

Working with Jungle-Gems was an experience that I will never forget. My boyfriend asked me to get married and I wanted a very special ring the second time around. I had always wanted a gemstone - 3 stone ring (two diamonds and a larger center stone). I already had a beautiful sapphire so I decided on an emerald stone, however, I wanted a 3ct.oval cut. I checked out my local and some larger jewelry stores for my gemstone but the emerald was so outrageously expensive that I would never ask my fiancé to buy my ring at that price. Most of the emeralds were only 1 ct. stones also-far too small for my hands.

So, I decided to check the internet and see if I could find an emerald wholesale. I ran across several good sites but when I found Kirk at Jungle Gems I hit pay dirt as the old saying says. He was very patient and we established a trust over the weeks that we worked together. We communicated almost daily. We soon had an internet friendship and I felt comfortable working with him. Even my fiancé said that I should not be trading with someone especially out of the United States, but somehow, the way we wrote back and forth to each other, I just kept thinking, surely to goodness he would not rob me from my dream of a beautiful stone. I was right, Kirk "Tomas" Bond, after many attempts finally found THE STONE I wanted and even though I had to pay "up front" for the stone, he traced the delivery of the stone to my office on a daily basis since it had to go through customs.

He is a good person to work with and his partner Jeff is good also. They listened to what I wanted and kept trying even though their commission was not that large compared to the value of the stone and the inflated comparable US prices. I am thinking about asking him to help me replace an aquamarine gemstone also, so the relationship continues. Good luck and I hope you will be as pleased as I have been. Do not give up -- Tomas is you man and he will help you find what you want!!

Best regards,

Susan Broyhill

Lenoir, North Carolina

Buying from the guys at Jungle-Gems was a very pleasant experience. The personal service that I received from everyone was very much appreciated (and unexpected due to my past experiences with "e-suppliers"). My parcel arrived well packaged and was exactly as described. I will definitely come back the next time I have a special request, and I recommend them to anyone else looking for excellent gems and minerals at really good prices.

Jeff White

White's Fine Gems (www.whitesgems.com)

"Jungle-Gems describes and gets what you want. If they don't have it they will try very hard in getting what you like. I've gotten several packages and have been satisfied every time. They are very good at communicating and delivering in a prompt and courteous fashion. It's been a very pleasant experience in dealing with these guys. I recommend them wholehearted!!! I'm Very happy with all our transactions with the utmost sincerity."

Best regards. Dale Gerken


"My dealings with Jungle-Gems have been excellent. Kirk Bond and his people have always been courteous and have offered first rate products. They have guaranteed my satisfaction 100%. I will always recommend them."

Ron Davis

I purchased several emerald preforms from Jungle Gems in February of 2002. I was and am very impressed with the color, the price and the weight I was able to retain. Straight from Brazil! Thank you Mr. Bond!

Your friend,

Colin Roll

Jungle-Gems offers beautiful, quality gems and minerals which we are pleased to carry in our crystal showroom. Their customer service is excellent! Their main concern is "you", the customer, and making sure your needs are met. We are very happy with our working relationship with them.


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